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As the center of the supply chain, a warehouse serves as storage fecilities for companies which sell goods. Point-to-point solution between penisular Malaysia is provided to ship the goods to the ware house, and make its way to shops and customers.


Oriental Tralink Sdn Bhd offers a range of truck and lorry as transportation. 40-Footer Trailer and 20-Footer Trailer, which perform 20 tonnes load and 40 tonnes load respectively are available.


Documents and preparations are needed for taking goods through the customs authority to facilitate the movement of cargo into or outside the country. Services to prepare and submit the necessary documents to facilitate import and export on behalf of the customer in the process of customs inspection, customs payment and customs clearance are offered.

Company Overview

Founded in 2005, Oriental Tralink Sdn Bhd are experienced in coordinations with point to point solutions, focusing on the area of warehousing, trucking and customs preparation. Provided more than 50 trucks are available as transportation, an efficient, uninterrupted flow of materials and goods from source to point-of-use is maintained, particularly in the logistic market between peninsular Malaysia.

Oriental Tralink Sdn Bhd started with the inspiration that there are a limited number of large-volume logistics service providers in the market at that time. In 2005, logistics services, specifically large-volume logistics, were not as convenient. Long lead time is required for factories and suppliers to book logistic services and more importantly, the services might not always be available. Aiming to provide industrial level logistic services, Oriental Tralink Sdn Bhd is headquartered at Bukit Minyak, Penang, Malaysia.

The mission of Oriental Tralink Sdn Bhd is to provide safe, reliable, continuous, and cost effective service through a strong support team of logistic associates dedicated to customer needs and commitment to excellence. Premium services with total logistic solutions that will increase proficiency and maximise efficiencies with point to point services are provided as well.

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